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Sep 09

Welcome to our first Vital Health blog!

Welcome to our first Vital Health blog! As most of you will probably be aware, Vital Health has decided to enter the 21st century and design a website. Whilst of course this will be useful for prospective new patients, we also hope it will be informative for our current patients.

Our aim is to write a regular blog packed full of useful health information, tips, advice and the latest Vital Health news. This plan is in its infancy at the moment, so we would be very grateful for any feedback you may have. Also feel free to email with any topics/ questions you would like covered and we will do our best to include those.

So here goes with the first article

In true Vital Health style, what better a topic to chose than shoes?

Flip-flops, jandals, thongs …whichever name you choose, are becoming increasingly popular as a footwear option. No longer are they reserved for the poolside only.

Fabulous fashion accessories without doubt, but what are they doing to your feet? Due to their shape, there is no built-in arch support. For some people this is not a problem, but for many of us this causes pain and can lead to plantarfasciitis. They are not designed for walking on anything other than flat surfaces and should not be worn when doing any kind of sporting activity. Injuries such as sprained ankles, cuts, bruises and even fractures can be the result. Another word of warning is for when you are driving, as flip-flops are prone to getting caught in the pedals and becoming a hazard.

Whilst walking along the poolside, flip-flops are brilliant to protect your feet from hot or uneven surfaces. However, when walking long distances your feet will need to grip quite hard to keep the flip-flop on and this becomes very tiring for the muscles of your legs and feet. A better option for your everyday summer shoe is therefore a sandal with some arch support and secure straps. Save the flip-flops for the occasional holiday use!