Rehabilitation Sessions in Bristol

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Rehabilitation Sessions with Carly Richardson DC

We work with patients of all ages and abilities, across all areas of sport and activities.


We can help with creating a specific management plan to incorporate your sporting goals and needs, to allow you to return to what you love to do as quickly as possible after an injury.


Tailored to each individual, and working on a one to one basis, Carly will work with you to create a sustainable plan which will allow you to help manage your condition (for example, Lower back pain, Neck pain or sports injury).  You can choose to have one session to get you started, so you know what to do and how to do it, or we can do multiple sessions to give you the time each week to exercise the way you want to under guidance and with help and advice along the way. 


These sessions will aim to improve your understanding of things such as posture, breathing exercises, strengthening and endurance, moving, lifting, bending or returning to sport.

Sessions are 30mins and can be done alone, or following a Chiropractic treatment session (1 hour). 

Details are as follows:

£70 – Rehabilitation New Patient – 60 minutes

£70 – Chiropractic Treatment + Rehabilitation Session – 60minutes

£45 – Rehabiliation session (follow up) – 30 minutes

For more information, or to book, please contact us on 0117 973 0878 or

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