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Vital Health Chiropractor Bristol

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Vital Health Chiropractor Bristol

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Vital Health Chiropractor Bristol

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Vital Health Chiropractor Bristol

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Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and support through recent weeks. This
announcement is one that we have all been dreading.

Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement at 8.30pm, Monday 23rd
March 2020 , it is with sadness that we are writing to tell you that Vital Health Chiropractic Clinic will close temporarily from Tuesday 24th March 2020.

This difficult decision has been made with consideration for your health and for the health of Clinic staff. The importance
of reducing the risk of viral contamination at this time comes above the need for provision
of care for your musculoskeletal conditions.

We want to reassure you that we have not gone away. We will still be answering the
phone, your text messages and e-mails. We are happy to talk to you and offer guidance.
We can forward relevant stretches, exercises and online links to you to help you look after
yourselves until we can open our doors again.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 0117 973 0878
MOBILE: 07807 008666

We will monitor the guidelines from the Government, our Chiropractic Council and
Associations with regards to when we can reopen the Clinic. We will update you when our status changes and will post up-to-date information on our clinic website: and on Facebook.

Our thoughts are with you through the coming weeks of uncertainty and challenge. Please follow the social distance guidelines that are designed to keep us all safe.

Take good care and stay well.

Claire Gordon DC, Ruth Corker DC and Carly Richardson DC
And best wishes from Pat, Elaine, Shelley and Sarah too



We treat Infants to Elderly, and everyone in between

The Vital Health Chiropractic Clinic in Bristol has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and we care for a wide variety of patients from infants to the elderly, and everyone in between.

We offer an entirely natural and holistic approach to your health, and we want people who come to the family chiropractic clinic to be given the opportunity to feel their best and gain a better understanding of how to improve and maintain their health.


SOT, Cranio-Sacral Technique, McTimoney and Diversified

We use a wide range of Chiropractic techniques, including some gentler applications such as Sacro-Occipital Technique, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and McTimoney Chiropractic. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to ‘clicks’ and ‘cracks’, we can provide that here.

Coronavirus (COVID 19) update for patients
Vital Health Chiropractic Clinic Policy Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Vital Health Patients

You will be aware that the Coronavirus advice is updated on a daily basis and as a health clinic we feel it important that you know what measures we have taken to ensure that both patients and staff stay safe.

If you are a patient with any concerns about attending your appointment with us, please contact the clinic on 0117 973 0878 to discuss this.

These include anyone with the following symptoms and have been in contact with an infected person, or recently visited any of the affected areas.

If you think you have symptoms – a fever, a cough, shortness of breath – use the 111 online coronavirus service to find out what to do next.

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

At Vital Health, we are following Local Infection Control Policies:
All of our staff are fully updated and we follow these procedures as a matter of course:

  • • We are spacing appointments so that you do not come into contact with other patients
    We have hand sanitisers in Reception and in every treatment room
    • We have paper towels in the bathroom – please use to dry your hands and discard in the bin
    • We have air purifiers in Reception and each treatment room.
    • Hand washing: our therapists wash their hands with soap before and after all procedures. They also use hand sanitisers.
    • Broken skin is covered with a waterproof dressing.
    • Bench Cleaning – after each treatment per patient, the treatment table is cleaned with an antibacterial wipe.
    • Our therapists wear gloves when there is direct contact with blood, body fluid, non-intact skin or mucous membrane, after which the gloves are discarded and hands washed with soap & water.
    • Each treatment room has the above equipment in stock and ready to hand.

Please be assured that we are keeping up to date with all developments and advice from both the Government and Public Health England and will continue to take the necessary precautions.

If you require further information on Government advice to employers please click on this link:

The Vital Health Chiropractic Team


General Chiropractic Care

Active Ageing & Chiropractic

Sport & Chiropractic


Meet our Team

We have a dedicated team of Chiropractors and Therapists in Bristol who are able to provide:

The guidance to take Vital steps back to health

Claire Gordon - Chiropractor

Claire is passionate about her work and feels strongly that Chiropractic care offers immense benefits for patients of all ages and with a vast array of problems. 

Ruth Corker - Chiropractor

Ruth understands the importance of the partnership between patient and Chiropractor. She believes in offering guidance and information to her patients that will encourage them to be actively involved in their recovery.

Carly Richardson - Chiropractor

Carly has experience treating a wide range of sports injuries, she used to work in Hampshire Rugby, mainly with the U18s squads and helped players get back to match strength as quickly as possible.

Heidi Spindler - Massage and Reflexology

Massage and Reflexology work well as part of a treatment regime, but are equally effective as a stand-alone therapy.

Shelley Jones - Reflexology and Reiki

Your Reflexology or Reiki session can be a stand-alone therapy or can be adapted to include both modalities within one session.

Lucy Payne - Yoga

Yoga can have a therapeutic effect on the body, Lucy shares her knowledge with others to help them experience the physical and psychological benefits of yoga practice.

Nicki Symes - Hypnotherapist

Solution Focused (SF) Hypnotherapist offering a supportive empowering approach to clients of all ages to help them to make the life changes that they wish to.

Discover a family Chiropractic Clinic in Bristol with a gentler approach