Bristol Therapies & Fitness

We offer a wide range of Therapies here at Vital Health, including holistic massage, Pilates, Yoga and Personal training. 

We understand the importance of working as a team to ensure you get the best care possible.

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Our Therapies

Swedish Massage & Reflexology

Massage and Reflexology work well as part of a treatment regime, but are equally effective as a stand-alone therapy. 


Pilates can be effective not only in helping the rehabilitation process, but for preventing injury, improvement of posture and regaining more mobility. 

Reiki & Reflexology

Simple relaxation techniques with an integrated approach to health and well being that can be beneficial for reducing emotional stress.

Yoga Classes

Hatha yoga that focuses on postural alignment, precision and body awareness  to enhance emotional wellbeing.

Personal Training

The aim is to restore functional movement patterns so that you can make it through your day with joint comfort and energy. 

Medical Acupuncture

Our Chiropractors are trained in Western Medical Acupuncture, and may use this in conjunction with your Chiropractic care.

Discover a family Chiropractic Clinic in Bristol with a gentler approach